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Even More WordPress Help and Discussion – Comments Are Closed

Feb 8, 2012

Comments on This Page Are Closed.

This page was formerly called “Even More Free WordPress Help”, but you can no longer ask questions here.

Here are my suggestions for WordPress resources: WordPress.org support (WordPress support for self-hosted sites), WordPress.com support (WordPress support for sites hosted on WordPress.com), WordPress Answers, the Seattle WordPress Meetup discussion board, and Bob Dunn’s WP Chatter on Google+.

Please note that McBuzz Communications, McBuzz.com, Mark McLaren, Endo Creative and Jeremy Green are not affiliated with Automattic, WordPress.com or the WordPress.org website.

Questions about Search Engine Optimization? Check out this video tutorial on Search Engine Optimization and WordPress recorded at WordCamp Portland 2010. Post your SEO questions in the comments on that page, and we will answer for FREE!

If you are looking for something specific, use the search feature on the www.McBuzz.com site (at the top of the page up there on the right). Try putting it in quotes, like “free wordpress help” or “submit xml sitemap”. You can also put part of your search query in quotes, like theme “navigation menu”. This search feature does a great job of searching through comments, where there are lots of questions and answers about WordPress, SEO, Online Marketing and such.

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Hi there, having problems with my wordpress, when customers go to place orders they can choose whether to register or not. however when the do so it wont let them proceed without username, email and password which means they have to register. Some of my customers just want to purchase without registering, can you help please?

I purchased a WP theme and am trying to get it up and running through WP dashboard. My host is GO Daddy. I think i have tackled most of the templates. Except, the header and footer are not replacing what the original is and I have tried several attempts. I am wondering when you purchase these themes from Flashmint, why you can’t get the creators contact info to ask them questions. Any help would be appreciated! I am guessing I need to reload (if that is correct wording) the theme into WP through Filezilla so it reads the new phps?
Thanks Gina

This depends on what you are using for e-commerce on your WordPress site. Some e-commerce plugins have a setting that allows you to choose whether users have to register before making a purchase or not. I would check your plugin documentation.

When installing a WP theme, just have to upload the theme’s files into the themes folder of your WordPress install. You shouldn’t have to modify any of the php files to get to work. Once you upload the theme you should be able to activate it under Appearance -> Themes. You can find more info about uploading a theme here.

I am using blogolife theme and it does not have a HOME page. how can I make my blog page as home page. Site name http://www.letstalk121.com. Pls reply. Waiting to hear from you.

@siddharth This static home page WordPress tutorial should work for you however note what I say there about the new custom menus. The recommended wp101 tutorials are an incredible bargain for $19 right now. Definitely check those out. (I’m not an affiliate. http://wp101.com is just a great source of tutorials that I recommend frequently.

When you install it on a site host (like HostGator or Bluehost) is all the editing and updating of the blog then done through the site itself?

In short, yes. Once you install WordPress you add content and make other changes by logging into the Admin Dashboard panel. Usually your login URL is http://www.example.com/wp-admin, replacing example.com with your site adddress. You can learn more about the WordPress Administration Screens here.

I have really screwed-up. I accidentally erased the meta tag that had the admin log on on my web-site. Now I can’t get in to the administrative area. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

@JohnF – Do you mean http://www.legitbusonline.com/wp-admin ? I think the link is still in your sidebar. I might be missing the point.

Hi. My client’s website was originally written in html by someone else in WordPress. I am going to replace the existing design. I am EXTREMELY technology challenged, so I need to use a template. I can’t write html.

Is a WordPress “theme” the same as a template?
I downloaded the free WordPress theme, “Cloriato” and have been designing offline (under Appearance, Theme Test Drive and Theme Options). I discovered I don’t have access to any pages other than the Home Page of Cloriato. I can’t change the Page Names, can’t change the bottom Contact section, can’t design additional pages… can’t manipulate much of anything other than Home Page photos and the copy. I’m used to user-friendly WIX (yeah, I’m green).

Why can’t I access more than the Home Page on my free WordPress theme?
I’m sure there is a VERY simple answer to this, but with a great deal of Googling, I still haven’t found it. Is a “free” WordPress Theme actually just free access to start a website design? If so, what fee might I expect to pay to have full access to design every page of a WordPress theme?

Also, I have not been able to find a WordPress theme that is for a business. WordPress appears to mainly service Bloggers. I don’t want Sliders. Just 3-4 pages of photos and information. Any suggestions for a clean, simple, business WordPress format that will allow me to manipulate color, photo and copy placement? Any favorites?

Thank you for your help! -Pam

Since WordPress is database driven, you can easily change the theme around whatever content your site has. A WordPress theme is the same as a template. I would recommend setting up a different WordPress installation to work on your theme, instead of using a plugin to test your theme. This way you can change not only the theme, but also the content of the site without worrying what the public sees. Once you’ve figured out how you want it to look, just move the theme to your main WordPress installation.

I’m not sure why you can’t access more than homepage. There is no limitation on what pages you can create or access as an admin with any WordPress theme, free or premium. The only limitation is with WordPress.com free themes. You can’t access the CSS or theme files without paying a fee, but that still doesn’t affect what pages you can access.

For business themes, I love WooThemes and Theme Forest. Both sites have great business style themes that are easy to customize. And even if the demo includes a slider, that doesn’t mean you have to use it on your site.

Thank you, Jeremy! I get what I was missing. Was hesitant to “explore” in fear of effecting the integrity of the published site. Your help is greatly appreciated!

.Im having a issue with my category list not showing on my front page which I will have set to my home page.When I switch my front page displays to my latest posts the category list shows on the sidebar,but shows nothing when switched back to my home page as front page.Right now I have only one page published called New site until I can get this figured out.Also another question.Would I keep adding to the home page when I want to add new info or would I put that into a new post?Hope I havent confused you? Thanks

@donna ostrander – This depends on the theme. What theme are you using? When you look under Appearance > Widgets, how many sidebar/widgets are there and how are they labeled?

After uploading exclude_pages to the plugins directory, I repeatedly tried to activate the plugin but kept getting the following fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/arimisc/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/exclude_pages.php on line 63

We are running WordPress 3.3.1; MySQL is version 5.0.95

Any suggestions ??


@Sam Knox – Depending on what you need the Exclude Pages plugin for, you may be able to accomplish the same thing using Custom Menus and a plugin like Platinum SEO that lets you set noindex to keep pages out of search engines. Why do you need to exclude pages?

I added a static front page and moved blogs to a blogs page. Just trying to get rid of the “Home” in the horizontal menu bar.

That’s all.


@Sam Knox – Have you created a Custom Menu (Appearance > Menus) for your horizontal menu bar?

Message: i wish to realise an idea i saw on http://cyberchimps.com/businesspro/docs/. I see expandable questions and when i click an question the answer comes.
And is it possible when i click another question that only the clicked question opens?
Many thanks in forwarding!

No. Everything is stock, except for the new front page and blog page. If you wish you can see it at arimis.com/wordpress


@Sam Knox – You can fix that with a custom menu. Here’s a good tutorial http://www.wp101.com/videos/custom-menus/

@Leo Bolle – Here’s an outstanding FAQ plugin called “Q and A” that may do what you want.

After composing a post and then ready to click the “Publish” button, there no longer is a “publish” button. What I now have is a “Submit for Review” button. What did I do to loose “Publish,” and what do I do to get it back? I have the latest version of WP.

@Dan Myers – Depending on your level of access to the WordPress dashboard as a user (Contributor, Author, Editor) etc. you will see “Submit for Review” instead of “Publish”. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/submit-for-review-enabled-but-admin-doesnt-get-list-of-posts-to-review

Sometimes asking the question is as challenging as finding the answer. See Dan Myers #24 above. I am not understanding the link you provided which apparently has the answer to my problem. I am the Administrator and have always seen the publish button when posting posts, which has now been replaced by the “submit for review” button. I still log into the site as Administrator, but apparently something has happened that causes WP to not recognize me as such. How do I get the “publish” button back? I don’t see the answer in the link you provided.

@Dan Myers – Here’s a good tutorial on Adding New Users and managing user access. (McBuzz is not an affiliate. These are just great tutorials and well worth the $19 lifetime membership.) You need Administrator access to be able to change these. Are you sharing this blog with someone who has Administration access? Maybe you have two different logins? http://www.wp101.com/videos/adding-new-users/

hello. can you help me how can i put the video wordpress or youtube

@Said – Check out WP101 tutorials. There’s one on embedding video. You’ll need to upload your video to YouTube first. Here’s how http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O7iUiftbKU

I have a question, and am hoping you can help.I am using wp, and have been trying to put Photos on a new page, but It wont let me back space , as to let me put more than one photo on a line. It worked with my home page when I first started with wp, and was able to put a few photos on one line, but now, when try to do it in my “edit page section” It will not let me move things around in order to get the right spacing. What am I doing wrong? Any help would ber appreciated. Thank you in advfance. Phillip Dodson…

hello evry bdy,
im having a littl problm, my wordpress not showing me the PAGE , on which im working, stead of that it shows only the rout directry…
kindly help me, im beginer..
sherri.. 😉

@Phillip Dodson – See if this page has a layout like you want to achieve. If so, I can tell you how it’s done. http://polarbeartours.com/photos-from-polar-bear-tours/


I seem to have a lot of broken links on my site but don’t know how to tackle it!
I have tried downloading Broken link checker but went blank when activated same with the google analytics. Firsty am not sure why I can’t seem to activate uploaded pluggins and secondly , please let me know what to do with the broken link report.. i mean what’s the next step? Thanks

@anita – Very perplexing! I would need access to your dashboard to figure out what’s going on. What does your web hosting company say? I would see if you can call them and get a little support regarding URLs on your site.

Graham Segal

May 19, 2012

8:31 AM


It’s quite some time since we were last in touch. I had some family issues to resolve so had to suspend my business for a couple of years and spend time in Malaysia (my wife is from there), I am now trying to restart. I am still a relative newbie in the WordPress empire.

I would like to take you up on your kind standing invitation to submit a problem. I do have a serious problem at the moment that I have an idea how to fix, but need advice from a more knowledgeable person such as yourself.

As I am in a very preliminary stage of developing a completely new website, I set up a local host on wamp server so I could play around with my website project. I followed the setting up instructions from a YouTube video. On the day this wamp server set up was completed, I was able to activate the WordPress platform, and imported and installed Weaver II theme. I switched off for the night but on switching on the next morning, I ran into my technical problem.

I use Firefox as my browser and every time I entered ‘localhost’, or ‘localhost/wp-admin.php’, or any localhost-based word combination to open my project, I get automatically redirected to an AltaVista search result (the address that appears in my URL box replacing ‘localhost’ is:


Is there a reason for this? Do you think I did something wrong in my installation, although everything seemed to be working apparently normally the night before?

Applying a bit of (I hope) logic and commonsense, it seems to me that a quick fix for this would be to change the name of ‘localhost’ in my wp-config.php file; e.g. – here’s a cut and paste extract from my wp-config.php file:

// ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //
/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘WordPress’);

/** MySQL database username */
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘root’);

/** MySQL database password */
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ”);

/** MySQL hostname */
define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

/** Database Charset to use in creating database tables. */
define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’);

/** The Database Collate type. Don’t change this if in doubt. */
define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);

Mark, could I just open wp-config.php and physically change ‘localhost’ to something like: chironhost

(As an aside, my consultancy trading name was/will be ‘Chiron! the business doctor.’ My business focus was/will be helping SMB companies to become investment ready and investor friendly and then helping them to raise some equity capital to achieve their business dreams.)

I am reluctant to interfere with an important file like wp-config.php when I don’t know if there will be any adverse repercussions from making such a change directly.

Any suggestions, advice?


Graham Segal

@Graham Segal – WAMP is outside my areas of expertise. I have installed and used it myself successfully, but things like resolving localhost issues are pretty much beyond me except for Google searches and trial and error. One thing I would say is that as long as you keep a copy of the original wp-config.php file as a backup, you can try whatever you like in that file to see if it works. You will not damage your site. Do see my terms, though, as far as my advice goes. And, especially when hosting locally, it’s easy enough to make multiple installs and delete whole installations to start over with a fresh one. Eventually you’ll figure it out!

Graham Segal

May 21, 2012

6:19 PM


Thanks for your comment. I eventually came to the conclusion that I was on the wrong tram in the way that I was looking at the problem. I concluded that it was not so much a WAMP/WordPress problem as a Firefox problem where Firefox was looking at the ‘localhost’ entry in the URL bar as keywords (as a search term) for an external search engine search and not a link to an internal file. So I wrote up the problem from that alternative perspective and posted it on an appropriate Firefox forum. The link is here:


I have had a couple of responses, but am yet to work through the latter two as they were posted during my night and I have only just read them. I am in Brisbane, Australia.

As this is now a different problem, it may be more in keeping with your experience. Consequently, you may like to have another look at it for me. So far, as you will see from the first lot of Firefox forum suggestions, the problem is not yet resolved.



Graham Segal

May 22, 2012

4:10 AM


My localhost problem seems to have miraculously fixed itself. Don’t ask me how, because I have no logical explanation.

About 4 hours ago, we had a sudden blackout. At the time, I was in Firefox Safe Mode checking whether the problem was caused by a faulty add-on or plug-in, as suggested by one of the contributors on the Firefox forum. When the power eventually came on again, i was worried that the sudden close down of Firefox in Safe Mode may have caused some additional problems. I needn’t have worried.

On re-opening Firefox, I began doing some tests as suggested by another of the forum contributors when I discovered that everything was working perfectly! The Firefox Gods were clearly at work for me. I am not however writing the problem off completely yet, as it may recur. But for now, it’s back to normal. Whew!!


@Graham Segal – It’s always nice when problems fix themselves! Could it have been Firefox’s cache of temporary files and URLs / history? Maybe that was cleared completely when Firefox shut down. Or maybe you had already done that before the shutdown. Maybe you had already fixed the problem before the blackout occurred but you did not find out until power came back.

Hi, I would really love some advice regarding my webmaster tools.
I have about 4 pages which are showing a 301. Which I don’t understand, because the page is there in my admin area, and I can do update to it, but they continually show up as a ‘safari can’t open this page’. Does this mean no one can see these pages??
Here is a link to one of them; http//www.foreverlokingood.com/benefits-of-wheat-germ

I have at least 4 of these pages, and I am lost as to what is going on.

Question no 2. :)
Google is indexing some of my plugins as a 500 error. I have searched, regarding a fix, and everything points to adding a fix to my robots.txt. I know I did one, a long time ago, but I can’t find it, in my root index. Also, is this the way to fix?? I had some paid help a few weeks ago, and he did not know how to fix and I don’t’ want to ask him again.

Question no 3. :)
I have heaps of 404 errors, and they are really weird, here is an example.wp-content/plugins/advertising-manager/lib/OX/Plugins/error_log


what the *&^!D does this mean???

I have paid for so much help in the past, and no one ever seems to know what they are doing.

I would appreciate any help you can give me, I have been hit pretty hard by panda, penguin and every other creature google is throwing around. I would really love to fix up my webmaster tools area.

:) Pauline.

I have a problem with a premium theme I bought, and not even the developer can help me fix this problem. The theme is called PictureThis (from ThemeForest), and my website is: http://www.braydencarlson.com. When I view my website on Firefox and IE, the navigation font looks horrible, but when I use Chrome to look at it – it’s perfect. The weird thing is, when I use Firefox or IE to view the demo website, or even other websites who use this theme, it looks normal, and how it’s suppose to. It’s not just me having this problem. My friends used Firefox and Chrome to view my website, and they’re having the same problem. If there is anyone who can help me – please leave a comment.

@Brayden – This is a cufon font issue. For some reason Firefox and IE are not using the cufon font. I don’t see why the theme developer can’t help you with this. Have you asked them? Normally designers will make sure their themes work in all major browsers. Try viewing the source code for the demo site and comparing it to the source code on your site. Something must be missing.

Thanks for the reply, Mark. I am a beginner when it comes to HTML/CSS, but the only difference I can see is “<ul class="menu"” which is on mine, and on the demo website it says “”. Not sure if there if that affects anything, but is there anyway for you to take a look? I truly don’t have a clue. Thanks.

I guess it won’t let me enter the code, but the demo website had “<ul id= …"

Our church has an old existing website that is not working properly and we wanted to recreate in WordPress. I downloaded WordPress thru our web host. One of the installation requirements was “Install on Domain .. I put our domain name in here. I then opened up the admin for WordPress but when I wanted to create and view a test page it opens showing our old website Home page. and I don’t want to dismantle the existing one till I have a new one set up in WordPress. Is there a way for me to set up a new page and view it so that I can see what it looks like or do I need to load Instant WordPress to my computer and work on it there. many thanks for your help, Bryan

@Bryan Flaxman – This can be tricky depending on the web host and other factors. I have to confess that I am not completely up-to-date on all the possible ways to create a WordPress site in “beta” mode (i.e., without actually replacing the existing website until the new site is finished). I know that advances have been made in the past few years. For example, you can use a plugin like BackupBuddy http://pluginbuddy.com/purchase/backupbuddy/ to move a finished beta site from a subdirectory into your root directory quickly and without too much trouble.

I’m looking at http://churchofchrist.org/wp-admin/ right now, and it looks like you have the Maintenance Mode plugin activated. I haven’t used this plugin. Doesn’t it allow you to see pages you are working on as long as you are logged in to WordPress? Maybe you have already solved your problem.

Hi there guys
I have a problem when trying to access my backend..i get this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_update_data() in /home/—/public_html/—–/wp-admin/menu.php on line 34

and yesterday i got this one

Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘wp_no_robots’ was given in /home/—–/public_html/—/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 395

and after login i get this

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_update_data() in /home/—/public_html/—-/wp-admin/menu.php on line 34

help please

@peter – I can’t address this directly right now. Sorry. But if you google the message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_update_data()” you find this support post with a solution at the bottom of the page. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/fatal-error-after-33-update If that’s not enough to fix the other problem, you can do a Google search on that. (“Warning… ” etc.)

Can view the home page but the links to the other pages don’t work. I get 404 error message. How can I resolve this?

Message: I want to take the data base from these mdb files along with their jpgs and implant them into wp-online-store as a catalog or a similar wp plugin.

How do I get that information with tabs as categories in an access-like file that also is opened on open office calc into the store database and categories…is there a good, quick way to download this info–which is quite extensive–into a new db format in a new plugin in wp and power it up again?



@Raz Silberman – Seems to be working now. Did you resolve this? I see that your URLs are set to default permalinks ( http://rsilberman.com/?page_id=52 instead of http://rsilberman.com/about/ ). Do you know about this? Did you fix the problem you were having with being able to see pages other than the home page by setting permalinks to the default?

@Mer – Excellent question. I would look at http://getshopped.org/ or http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-ecommerce/ or Google “wordpress ecommerce” for other options. The info at getshopped.org is extensive. This is one of the most widely used plugins. Their support and size of user community are among the best. (I am not affiliated.) You may be able to ask them your question directly.

Hi, I changed the theme on my site, my new post which was added today is very slow in opening. I was told by one of my followers the pictures take up about 88% of the page but she feels this should not be an issue. The text on this theme which I like was very small and instead of using paragraph I am using header 3. It wasn’t nearly so slow yesterday, only since the new post went on today. Some people are emailing me saying they cant get in at all. Hope you can advice Regards Alistair

@Alistair – The pages on your site do load slowly. I agree that image size is not the issue. With WordPress, site speed is most often a function of your web host. Depending on your hosting package and who your provider is, your website server can be slow or fast.

I notice that subpages have “index.php” in the URL. The About page URL is http://www.aberdeengardening.co.uk/diary/index.php/about-us/ This is not good. It should be http://www.aberdeengardening.co.uk/diary/about-us/ Are you on a Windows server? Ask you hosting provider about your hosting package. Tell them your pages are loading slowly and you don’t know why pages have “index.php” in the URL. They may not support WordPress much, so you will have to see what kind of help they can offer.

You are better off with Linux/Unix hosting rather than Windows.

Hi Mark, I have a couple of questions for you, I just found your blog and I am now following it. I’m going to make my way through your posts but I need some help, first off I made a signature for my posts and I want to change it but I can’t for the life of me find where to do that at.. Next question you talk alot about self hosting because using a blog at wordpress.com won’t let you do certain things well I upgraded my blog so it’s no longer name wordpress.com its just name.com… Does this still apply? I can’t do certain things still? Last but not least I’m trying very hard to get traffic and use tags and whatnot the way your supposed to I even tweet about each post I do but I’m pretty much staying between 20 and 35 people per day but no comments other than ones from friends usually how can I change this? Would you mind looking at my blog? Imangryatnews.com Thanks for your time sir I look forward to hearing back from you.. Preston

@Preston – 1. To add a signature, try http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-signature/ or Google “wordpress signature every post”.

2. Using your own domain name on WordPress.com is still using WordPress.com for hosting. Self-hosting means using a host like one of these for your WordPress site: http://wordpress.org/hosting/

3. Growing the number of visitors to your site is hard. Here are some good tips: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/indepth-guide-to-content-creation-with-infographic Leaving comments on other good blogs is one way to bring visitors and get some quality links to your posts. Find other bloggers on Twitter and share their tweets. Over time, the cool ones will repay the favor. It takes time. Hang in there and keep creating great, useful content.

What wordpress plugin will allow me to track traffic on every page, not just the whole site? I want to track per-page-traffic i.e. 30 clicks onto Dance article from the home page

Hi there, I am currently working on a wordpress site for our online shop. I haven’t used wordpress to build a website before and am still trying to work out some of the kinks. The most important one that I am unable to figure out is; there is a “product feature” that comes up at the top of each category on our page and I wish to get rid of it… I can’t see how to this. Can you please fix it or tell me how to go about fixing it? Thanks. Here is a example of what I mean: http://cuckoosnestboutique.com/?wpsc_product_category=fairtrade
See: “Mata Embroided Stole” Paragraph.

@Megan – I’m not sure which part of the text on this page is the “product feature”. Is it the main heading that says, “Mata Embroided Stole”. Do you want to remove that? Please tell me which text you want to remove.

@Julia Johnson – I recommend http://yoast.com/wordpress/google-analytics/ You need to use this in combination with Google Analytics. You’ll need to create a (free) Google Analytics account.

Thanks so much! I’ve spent days trying to research the right plugin! :)

Will the Yoast plugin work with WordPress 4.0? I just had it updated.

I meant 3.4.0

Is there a plugin that will allow me to add a second sidebar to a one sidebar theme? Or a plugin that let me put ads a the bottom of the site?

@Julia Johnson – The Yoast Google Analytics plugin for WordPress will work with WordPress 3.4. Adding a sidebar requires modification of the theme files. I don’t know of a plugin that will do that. There are plugins that will insert ads, but I’d be careful with those because some will insert other code that you don’t want in your pages. https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&site=&source=hp&q=wordpress+plugins+advertising+management

How do I set up multiple blogs on one wordpress site? Thanks!

@Roweena – You can use WordPress Multisite. Here are several resources. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/what-is-multisite-actually http://codex.wordpress.org/Migrating_Multiple_Blogs_into_WordPress_3.0_Multisite http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network

Hi! I’m trying to create a website using WordPress where people can log in and then post comments and video’s, what plugins could allow me to do this? And can a wordpress site have more than one plugin? Thanks so much! :)

@Nicole – See the video tutorials on the WordPress 101 website – specifically you need to know how to add new users. http://www.wp101.com/videos/nextsteps/adding-new-users/ The tutorials at wp101 will help you figure out the best way to give other users access to your WordPress site. If you want them to be able to add videos, you have to give them user access at the Contributor level or above.

Awesome, thanks a million Mark!

Hi, Ever since I loaded the (html coded) pop-up in my website my sliding testimonial widget (found at the bottom right) stopped working. Can you please check out the site and let me know how to fix this?


@Leslie – Plugins and popup scripts can be tricky. Probably the JavaScript required for the testimonials is being overwritten or turned off somehow by the JavaScript for the pop-up. That’s something you can hire McBuzz to work on, or if you know a developer, maybe they can help.

Hi! I have been researching wordpress themes for months and can’t decide on one. I am a holistic health coach and plan to seel my services online through my website. I also plan to have a blog and would like to find a theme that will allow me to translate the content from english to portuguese as well ( do I use a plugin for that? )
Can anyone tell me what is the theme used in this blog: http://www.ohsheglows.com
I know she creates her how headers using her own pictures and I would like to do that too.

I appreciate any help and suggestions. Thanks! :)

I have a question about my wordpress Elegant Themes Chameleon website.I would like to remove the “title” from appearing on the individual pages while leaving it on the main page / menu .Is this something that can be done? If so, how can I do this?

I made a post to my blog and previewed it and noticed at the end of the post something like this/ 90950″ title=”Revolutionary Site Redefines Viral Marketing…” url=”http://www.rbar67.com/wordpress/revolutionary-site-redefines-viral-marketing.htm”> how can i eliminate this.

Hi, probably a beginner question. But….my web site is located at:


My question, is there a way to make the header images height dimension bigger? Right now, the height is 152px, but I would like to make it 250px. Is this easy to do without messing up the entire site?

Thank you to anyone who may help out.

My url is robyncobb.com I accidentally added my other site to the end of it
and now it is robyncobb.com/chasinggoodness.com (i think I can’t remember it I added the com. I tried to login to my php admin and I get the message it
#1045 you do not have access to your sql database – pls help me
How can I fix this – I can no longer even login

@Robyn – Call your web host and have them tell you how to access your MySQL database. Use the instructions on this page under “Changing the URL directly in the database”: http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL to put the site URL back to what it should be.

That site uses the Thesis Framework. It is a really powerful framework and allows for a lot of customization. You can find out more about it here: http://diythemes.com/

@S.Decorius Flood,
I’m assuming you’re referring to the breadcrumb navigation underneath your logo on the individual pages. There should be an option in your theme to remove breadcrumbs from your theme. If not, you can probably remove the code from your page.php file.

Sounds like a link or an image wasn’t closed properly. In your edit screen, choose the html editor, scroll to the bottom of the post, and remove any unclosed html tags. Then try adding the link again in the content editor.

You can edit your CSS to make the container for the image taller. In your style.css file, you can edit the .header_bot selector and set it at the height you want the image to be.

Well sorry to say i tryed that and still getting the same error.

Whoo Hoo i have it solved. It was the Show Bookmark & Share Button settings. Thank’s for all your help.

Hello there

I am currently re-designing my portfolio site. Within the new one I would love to host a blog using wordpress, but am a little out of my depth.

The index.html page and all other pages are saved as .html. I am wanting to have a tab “Blog” that links to laurensissons.com/blog. I’m just not sure where to even go from here – for now I have just downloaded wordpress, edited my wp-config.php and getting more and more confused :(

Thanks in advance,

Mark McLaren

Aug 11, 2012

9:20 PM

@Lauren – Two questions: 1. Who is you web host? Some hosts make installing WordPress very easy. For example on Bluehost it takes about 3 minutes to install WordPress. You should check with your host to see what they offer in terms of simple WordPress installation. Some hosts call this “Simple Scripts”.

2. If your host does not offer simple installation, are you able to use FTP to create a directory (as called a folder) named “blog” and then upload your WordPress files to that directory? Again, most hosts offer customer support. You can call them and they will walk you through creating a directory and uploading your WordPress files.


I need a bit of SEO advice. I am building my site (nearly finished!) and am at the stage where I am about to install and configure the SEO by Yoast plugin. Reading the Configuration Notes that Mr. Yoast kindly provided, he suggested that I should decide on the format of my URL: EITHER http://websitename.com OR http://www.websitename.com.

My difficulty is that when I originally started this project, I was not aware of the importance of this choice. So in Dashboard>Settings>General, I entered my URL as http://chironthebusinessdoctor.itsonline.com.au. As I created and published my pages and included my contact information on those pages, without giving this issue a thought, I went and used the URL http://www.chironthebusinessdoctor.itsonline.com.au.

I have about 40 plus pages, heavy with content (a differentiator with my competitors, who tell potential clients virtually nothing). My query is that I am not sure which way to jump. That is, I am not sure whether I should change the contact URL on each page by deleting the www, or change the URL in Settings by adding in the www. In regard to that latter point, I have it in the back of my mind presumably from something I read, that it was not possible to simply change the URL in Settings; some other work had to be done in conjunction with the change. Am I right on that point?.

As I am still a greenhorn novice at this website building caper, I am unsure which option (www or no www) will prove to be the best for my business, which is a sole-proprietor consultant helping SMB companies to raise equity capital for business expansion purposes. Please feel free to have a look at my site. However, you will find a strange message on my Home Page, which is designed to discourage visitors until my site is fully operational. To that end, I also haven’t activated my phone. However, most of the internal pages are installed and can be accessed from the vertical menu. The other interesting point is that as a lone operator, and given the workload involved in a capital raising, I cannot accept more that 12 to 18 clients in a year. So there is a marketing challenge in identifying clients with deep pockets!

I would like to get a handle on this www or no www issue so perhaps you could refer me to some learned tome that can explain all the implications involved.



Mark McLaren

Aug 13, 2012

4:12 PM

@Graham Segal – I just finished reorganizing the mcbuzz.com website to include a http://wordpress.mcbuzz.com subdomain. As a matter of fact, the reason I made this decision bears directly on your question! Because you need to be aware of the importance of subdomains when you choose which domain to use for your site.

Since your question is about SEO, and not WordPress specifically, I’m going to ask you to just copy and paste it over on the comments on this post. Do you mind? I’d appreciate it. That way others who are looking for SEO answers are more likely to find it, and it fits the content on the site.

Please repost (copy and paste) your question in the comments on this page:


Aug 17, 2012

3:24 PM

Help. I’m about to publish first issue of an online newspaper. WordPress site designer just “turned over the reins” of the Premium Themed WordPress site (transferred from his server to ours). It’s taken a while for him to turn over the site to us so there are a lot of changes and new additions to the news stories. In order to copy and paste text from Word to WordPress, he said it was VERY IMPORTANT that I paste the text someplace where the hidden codes will be stripped out, or the text will show up wrong. Now that I have accepted control over the site, he won’t tell me where that button is for the place where I’m supposed to paste the Word text to strip the codes. Does anyone else use a WordPress premium theme for their news site, who is willing to share this little hint with me (without charging me). So close to being able to publish – so frustrating!

Mark McLaren

Aug 17, 2012

5:30 PM

@CoachCatDC – Here’s a good video on how to copy and paste text from Microsoft Word into WordPress. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8XxgOV6SG0

I have set up my network site (Thanks for the tips from comment #66).
Now I would like the home page to show excerpts from all posts from the network. I tried using the ‘Network Latest Posts’ plugin, but it just pulled everything into a column on the side.
Ideally, I would like something like http://teachforus.org/


Mark McLaren

Aug 24, 2012

5:59 PM

@Roweena – If the content produced by the ‘Network Latest Posts’ plugin is what you want, you just need a way to put that in the body of your home page rather than the sidebar. If you can’t find an easy way to do this – like finding someone who has already modified the plugin to do this – the solution would be to take the code from the plugin and put it into a custom page template. Then select that page template as the template for your home page.

Here’s info about WordPress custom page templates.

Admittedly this requires advanced skills. You can hire McBuzz to help, or find a charitable developer. But it’s always good to try this stuff if you feel up to the challenge. You will feel great when you solve the problem yourself, and it will open up lots of other possibilities for WordPress customization.

Hi, I am just a beginner with WordPress and would like to know if there is a plugin or something else for our members to be able to upload competition photographs for critiquing ( like a gallery)? We have 100 members and the average upload would be about 125 photos. We need to be able to comment “like or Dislike” If you have any recommendation or suggestion; we would really appreciate….Kindest regards, Ian Neilson, President of the Calgary Camera Club

Mark McLaren

Aug 25, 2012

6:02 AM

@Ian – There are many more good WordPress photo gallery plugins and themes available today than there were even a year ago. I have been using http://photocrati.com and I like it very much. However, it does not appear to allow you to add comments to individual photos. You may want to contact them via Twitter https://twitter.com/Photocrati to ask if they can help. They are very responsive.

Otherwise, I did a standard Google search or two to see what I could find (“wordpress photo gallery” etc.) but did not turn up anything that would allow Likes and comments on individual photos in a gallery. I think there may be something out there. I just couldn’t find it. Sorry!

WordPress itself can easily accommodate 100 members with uploading and commenting privileges, so you could conceivably add photos to individual pages and have those pages under their own subsection or category on your site – or on a separate site, perhaps in its own subdirectory. Using a Facebook Like button plugin would help your site integrate with a Facebook page for your club. For the Dislike, people could simply leave a comment. From an SEO / Marketing perspective (my area of expertise) that would be doubly effective since it would increase the visibility of your website a great deal.

Hi there!
I’ve got one for you.

I’m on WP multisite and I’m trying to get a good forum installed. I’d love to use Simple:Press because of how powerful it is. As of now, it won’t install correctly, and they charge $39 just to look at their forums. Here’s a link to my forum (as of this post) filmactive.com/forums. Apparently the CSS can’t be found, but I can’t figure that out.

I WOULD use BBpress, but I get some weird results with that as well, and it isn’t nearly as cool looking.

Any suggestions or ideas?
Jordan Mederich

Mark McLaren

Aug 30, 2012

11:09 PM

@Jordan Mederich – I see the CSS fine. Am I missing something? Images are on a different domain. Is that how it should be? http://filmactive.sermongear.com/wp-content/sp-resources/forum-themes/default/images/sp_LogInOut.png If you really want to use Simple:Press, I’d say it’s worth $39. Sorry I don’t have any better insights.

@Mark McLaren

Thanks for the reply. So, I made a big discovery… the plugin works great on my main site (sermongear.com/forum), and all functionality of the plugin is up.

Which raises perhaps an even more crucial question. Why are my child domains not reacting like my main site? I have the domains parked in BlueHost, and Domain mapped to reflect the normal (filmacive.com) instead of (filmactive.sermongear.com). It’s almost as if the subdomains aren’t getting the resources it needs from the main domain.

Hopefully that raises a flag that you are aware of.


Mark McLaren

Aug 31, 2012

2:11 AM

@Jordan Mederich – As I mentioned, check the domain being used by your thumbnail / icon images, for example. Those are using the subdomain, not the mapped domain, as far as I can see. http://filmactive.sermongear.com/wp-content/sp-resources/forum-themes/default/images/sp_LogInOut.png View source on any page and make sure all the domains are what you expect. What’s the setting for the site URL in Settings > General ?



With MS install, after the domain is mapped you have to manually set the site URL to the MAPPED domain, NOT the subdomain. I simply changed (filmactive.sermongear.com) to (filmactive.com) after it’s been mapped, and it all fell into place.




I just tried to send you a response to the SEO advice you recently gave me on

I tried three times to post my comments, but each time I got an ‘Oops’ page with the notation ‘DNS Error: server cannot be found’.

I thought I better let you know about this straight away.



PS. The information I was trying to send is this:

Many thanks for for your inciteful pointers. i have now opted for the no-www option, as it seems more sensible to keep to WordPress practices.

I am particularly grateful for your general comments about my URL. The ‘itsonline.com.au’ is a general address used by my son to undertake some online projects. He is an IT professional and runs some servers but lives some 2,000 kilometres away from me. I prefer not to ask him for direct help because he will jump in and fix the problem quickly, and consequently, I don’t learn anything.

He offered me the use of the URL when I first started this venture, a time when neither of us had any inkling of where my venture would end up.

Your advice gave me the leverage I needed to discuss the matter with him. We are agreed that I should migrate to my own URL, so I have purchased an appropriate dot com name. I should be operating under the new name in a week or so.

I am presently configuring SEO by Yoast, an exercise that is proving more complex than I initially expected. If I run into anything insurmountable, I’ll be in touch.

Sorry for the delay in this reply,



I set up my wordpress website, but I can’t find my dashboard! When I owner login I only see a screen with a large background and a few layout options on the bottom. No dashboard.

Thanks so much, I really need to get this thing started.

Mark McLaren

Sep 5, 2012

5:02 PM

@Graham Segal – Looks like your comment was posted successfully here: http://www.mcbuzz.com/2011/best-search-engine-optimization-resources-for-beginners/#comment-3707

Hi There

I am using wp explorer workz theme but am having real problems with the nivo slider on the home page. I need to change the slide size to 920 x 600 however when I change all relevant files, functions.php style.css and nivo.php the slide remains 920 by 260 – I am at my wits end with this as I can’t find the conflict at all.

I would be happy to give you the admin passwords for you to take a look if you could help at all.

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this..

Yours sincerly

Stuart Hazeldine

Mark McLaren

Sep 11, 2012

8:48 PM

@Stuart Hazeldine – Have you checked the NivoSlider site and instructions? Sounds like you did but you don’t say, so I have to ask. Their forum or help would be the first place to check. They know the slider best. I have not used this one, but it looks good.

Why do you have to change all those files manually? Can’t you set the image height in Theme or Slider Options somewhere?

Hi Mark,

I have a follow-on SEO question from my last foray into this subject. I find that I cannot easily incorporate my blog into my site as domain-name.com/blog because I need to substantially change the look of the blog from the look of my site.

Consequently, I wish to create my blog as a subdomain. I seem to have two choices here, and I would like your opinion as to the best option from an SEO point of view. The choices seem to be:

domain-name.blog-name.com or

What are the implications that flow from this choice?



Mark McLaren

Sep 16, 2012

8:35 PM

@Graham Segal – You can put a separate installation of WordPress in a subdirectory like domain-name.com/blog-name/ That’s no different than creating a separate installation of WordPress in a subdomain like blog-name.domain-name.com. In other words, you can move the blog to domain-name.com/blog-name/ without changing the look of the blog. This is true even if the main website runs on a Windows server (which yours does not – I’m just sayin’ in case other readers have Windows ASP.NET sites). So, for the SEO benefits, I recommend that you go with domain-name.com/blog-name/

I am trying to wrap text around Amazon ads in WordPress, Theme Twenty Eleven. What I would like to do is have a book ad on the left for Amazon.co.uk and the same on the right for Amazon.com so my USA visitors can buy but I would also like to have text in the middle. I guess this is a big ask. At the moment I get both ads on the left and the text underneath which doesn’t look great.

Mark McLaren

Sep 19, 2012

5:31 PM

@Karen Marshall – If you are trying to do this in the body of the page, you can create a div like this to hold the left side content. <div style=”float:left”> [your image and stuff here] </div> Add another one just like it containg the center content. Then change the float:left to float:right for the right side content. You’ll need to experiment with the techniques here: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_float.asp

This can be done in the HTML editing window of the WordPress dashboard on a particular page or post.

If you want to apply these techniques to the theme itself, that’s a bigger project. It’s not that hard, but you may want to create a test installation of WordPress to try it out so that you are not messing with your live website.

I have a wordpress site that I just created and I have external hosting and domain. I just moved my site from the http://www.domain.com/wp to my personal http://www.domain.com, but now that I did that my site is missing some of the images, widgets, pages and theme that I had previously. Along with that I can no longer access my wp/admin to make changes. What do I do to repair this?? HELP!

Mark McLaren

Sep 28, 2012

7:34 PM

@Dion Schell – You need to change the “siteurl” and “home” values in the WordPress database to match your new personal http://www.domain.com.

When I received your reply to my email, I clicked te link and it directed me to the response No. 110 and not 108, so…. being the It savvy I am I followed the instructions and have totally wrecked my site. The site has turned blue. Although i can log in, the page is not the usual one and once in I just see the site and can’t find the dashboard anywhere.
Please help.
I will check next time that I follow the solution to my issues and not someone else’s ………promise!

Hi Mark,
I have recently set up a wordpress blog/webpage using the twenty twelve theme which I understood to have infinity scroll included. However even though I have checked the infinity scroll box in the settings-reading section of the dashboard the page still only has one entry per page and it begins with the oldest entry. You can view the blog at http://www.kyliedunstan.wordpress.com
Hope you can help…
Kind Regards

Mark McLaren

Oct 13, 2012

6:18 PM

@Kylie – Maybe this is a feature of the theme you are using? Under Settings > Reading – check to make sure you have “Blog pages show at most” set to 10 or more – whatever you want there. Is it set that way?

david buckley

Oct 18, 2012

10:05 AM

I was wondering if you knew a plugin that keeps the replies to comments on a blog collapsed? Thanks for your help.


Sorry to trouble you but I have a technical problem that you no doubt will be able to advise me whether or not it’s possible to fix. You might recall from my previous posts on your site that that I am a consultant helping companies to raise equity capital. Consequently, I have to work under some strict regulations from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). ASIC is the Australian Government’s regulatory authority in the securities, investments and capital markets industry and is the direct equivalent of the United States’ Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). ASIC therefore has similar wide-ranging regulatory, supervisory and prosecutorial powers to the SEC. These are not people you want to mess with.

Under the regulations, before I can permit a website visitor (investor) to access/download Investment Offers from clients, I have to get the visitor to formally acknowledge some investment warnings about the speculative nature of investments.

Within my site, a visitor clicking on the Investment Offers page from the site main menu gets transferred to the warnings page first and can only access the Investment Offers page after acknowledging the warnings through a form to be filled in and sent to me.

The problem is that if a visitor gets to the Investment Offers page, the visitor can then copy the page URL, and circulate it to friends etc. Consequently, my system of controlling access to the Investment Offers page can be bypassed. This could get me offside with ASIC!

The problem therefore is this. Is it actually possible to cloak the URL on this page? if so, how is it done? Would there be any repercussions about such an action from Messrs. Google and Bing? In that respect, the page is not listed in the main menu and it takes three clicks to obtain access. Should I also make the page ‘no-follow’?

As an aside, this procedure also protects me from claims down the track where an investor, who entered an investment that failed, tries to sue me to cover the loss on grounds that I did not follow the rules by giving him or her sufficient warnings about the speculative nature of the investment. Filling in the form is proof that I did follow the rules. So this is quite an important matter.



PS. Notice the dotcom address! Another Mark McLaren success story!

I’m using a free wordpress theme called DANKO from http://www.themeskingdom.com.

There is an error when I was going to setup DMS Guest Book.
Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at ……………………….

When I changed the theme it works fine.

Anybody can help me pls..? I’m using the latest version of WP(wordpress-3.4.2) and DMS Guest Book(dmsguestbook.1.17.2).

Thanks a lot!

Mark McLaren

Oct 22, 2012

2:36 PM

@david buckley – I haven’t seen one, but I googled “wordpress plugin collapse comments” and “wordpress plugin hide show comments” there are some promising leads. Be sure to filter results to show only those for the past year or six months. Did you try this? Let me know what you find out.

Mark McLaren

Oct 22, 2012

2:42 PM

@Graham Segal – Nice work on the dotcom domain. I can’t advise you about ASIC regulations. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you look at Gravity Forms. This is sophisticated contact form software / plugin for WordPress that allows you to configure various ‘thank you’ or download pages along with email responses to contact form submissions. Your primary protection, it seems to me, would be a Terms of Use page that anyone who wants to download your content must agree to before they can access the content. There you can state that by downloading the content they agree not to circulate the material, or, if they do, you are not liable for any damages, etc. — something to that effect.

I have a website that uses Dreamhost, I am tryint to use it as a blog and CMS. What is the easisiest way to add page templates for the blog, and other pages I want to use? Thanks.

Mark McLaren

Oct 22, 2012

7:24 PM

@Dwayne – Can you give me examples of what you mean by “page templates for the blog”? You can create templates for pages but not easily for posts.

I was under the impression that a page template can be used for your “blog page”? If not, how do you create/add page templates for other pages on your site? Thanks.

Mark McLaren

Oct 22, 2012

7:50 PM

@Dwayne – See this post regarding how to make a page template. http://www.expand2web.com/blog/custom-page-template-wordpress/ You can also use a “static” page as your home page and put your blog posts on a different page (instead of on your home page). Maybe that’s what you mean? For that, you create a page called “Blog” and then use Settings > Reading to set a different page as your home page and that Blog page as the page to display blog posts. http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Static_Front_Page

Thank you Mark. I wish I was as WordPress literate as you!

I’m looking for a widget that allows me to have a fixed frame such as a vintage picture frame with a custom, changeable box inside. For example I want to have a new quote everyday inside the frame. Is there anything out there that will allow me to do that without having to save as an image in photoshop and upload each time? Thanks for your help!!!

I put info into the sidebars using widgets (text). Then when I log out and then look at my website via search, the widget content in the sidebars and footer disappears. How can I fix this problem?

Thank you.

Mark McLaren

Oct 24, 2012

4:42 AM

@glenn – Are you sure you are clicking the Save button on the Text widget before leaving the widgets page? Why do you say “then [you] look at my website via search”? I’m not sure what you mean by that.

Hi. Yes, I am clicking save. The sidebars contain the information. I sign out of the administrative panel. Then when I go back later and sign-in again, the widgets and sidebars contain almost nothing. (I do have other websites, ex. http://www.glennishere..com in which there are no widget problems.) The problem started when I switched to a different theme for http://www.jewishcoolstuff.com from the one I was using. Then I switched back to the earlier theme where widgets have been fine. But, still the problem persists. I have now switched to a new theme (current one) hoping that the problem would subside; it hasn’t.

Mark McLaren

Oct 24, 2012

8:44 PM

@Glenn – Sounds like you are on the right track in testing different themes. You could also start by deactivating your plugins one by one, saving new widget content, logging out to see if that has any effect. You may not want to do this on a live site. Similarly, you can test different themes to see if that problem happens on every one. Does it happen with Twenty Twelve or Twenty Eleven themes – the default themes? My guess is that it will not. But there must be a conflict between plugins, theme and the core code for widgets somewhere.

You can also create a separate installation of WordPress and test theses things there so that you don’t risk screwing up your live site.

Help me ,i want to upload games,application to people downloads,how to accomplish it ,is there be any plugin for it?or how?[i am using wordpress]

Mark McLaren

Oct 25, 2012

5:32 PM

@vees avs – For that, you may need to use FTP. Your hosting provider can help you get that set up. Upload files using FTP to a directory of your choice, like /games/ or /downloads/ and then use the filename to create a URL for the file, like /games/myfirstgame.exe

Your web hosting company might have restrictions on what kinds of files you can upload and link to, so check with them first.

I am in the process of moving my blog content from blogspot to wordpress and would like to get as many of the bugs out before I “go live” with it. I am useing the WordPress Theme ‘Bouquet’ and on my home page you can not see the date to the left laft sid of the post. I don’t see anywjhere that I can either move the position of the date or narrow the colum size. Any way to fix this ?

Mark McLaren

Oct 27, 2012

11:20 PM

@Amy – If you want to stick with the Bouquet theme, you’ll need to modify the theme files to change things like that (like where the ‘metadata’ – date, author, etc. – shows up in relation to posts). You ability to do so will depend on your level of skill working with HTML, CSS and PHP files. Here’s one good place to start: http://www.presscoders.com/wordpress-theme-customization-guide/ You can also do a search for “customize wordpress themes”.


This morning when I finished my post, I published as usual and clicked “view post”, but I got a message, “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?” and saying that it cannot find what I’m looking for. I can go to my home page and click on the new post from there and view it fine, but it won’t just pop up as my newest post for the day. Help! Thank you,


@Constance – Can you open it and see it in the editor? If so, I would copy that content from the existing post and go ahead and create a new one, pasting in that content. If that post works fine when you Publish it, you’re all set. You can delete the first post. You might want to check the Permalink to see if that is unusually long. (Click to see the Permalink Edit button.)

Does your post have a very long title, or does it have any strange characters in it? Especially if you pasted it in from Microsoft Word or something like that – it may have strange characters, even something you can’t see that looks like a space. Sometimes WordPress does not know what to do with those.

When you create a second post, be sure to type in the title by hand. A page title or permalink with strange characters in it is the first thing I can think of that would cause a post to go missing.

If you edit the Permalink, be sure not to leave any spaces in it. The Permalink should be letters, numbers and dashes only.

WOW Mark! That was fast – and you were right! It was the permalink – I went into edit mode and saw four unusual numbers. I just deleted the numbers and re-published. Now it works great!

Thank you for your awesome FREE help! I really appreciate it – may God bless you as you have blessed me!


This resource is AWESOME!

I’m having some site speed problems at my site, sermongear.com. I’m running WP Multisite, and I’ve tried multiple caching plugins (quick cache has been the best so far), and tried limiting revisions, etc.

I have quite a few plugins for membership, and aesthetics, all of which are pretty integral to the site. I’m hosting with Bluehost.

Any ideas on how to improve the site speed? I’m currently getting rated “C” and “D” from gtmetrix.com… not good.

Would appreciate any help you can offer!
Thanks Mark,

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