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WordPress Help and Discussion – Comments Are Closed

Mar 14, 2011

Comments on This Page Are Closed.

This page was formerly called “Free WordPress Help”, but you can no longer ask questions here.

Here are my suggestions for WordPress resources: WordPress.org support (WordPress support for self-hosted sites), WordPress.com support (WordPress support for sites hosted on WordPress.com), WordPress Answers, the Seattle WordPress Meetup discussion board, and Bob Dunn’s WP Chatter on Google+.

Got a question about Search Engine Optimization? Check out this video tutorial on Search Engine Optimization and WordPress recorded at WordCamp Portland 2010. You can post SEO questions in the comments on that page, and we will answer for FREE! (Please note that McBuzz Communications, McBuzz.com and Mark McLaren are not affiliated with Automattic, WordPress.com or the WordPress.org website.)

You can also search for Answers to WordPress Questions that have already been answered on these help pages:
WordPress Q&A: More Answers to WordPress Questions
Questions About WordPress? Ask Them Here!
More WordPress Questions? Ask Them Here!

I have added a new search feature to the www.McBuzz.com site (at the top of the page up there on the right). Looks terrible, but it works great. If you are looking for something specific, try putting it in quotes, like “free wordpress help” or “submit xml sitemap”. You can also put only part of your search term in quotes, like theme “navigation menu”. This search feature does a much better job of searching through comments, where there are lots of questions and answers about WordPress, SEO, Online Marketing and such.

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Comments: 133


Hey Mark,

I was searching around for a problem I am having with a friend’s website and saw that you were the man of much knowledge.

Anyway, he is running a paid theme called Taragon by Intothedarkroom. In the blog POSTS the image wrap doesn’t work in IE8. In all other browsers it works fine, but in IE the picture makes all the text appear on a new line.

Check it out http://www.wearehalffull.com/blog

@Zack – Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, I don’t have IE8 on the machine I’m on. I will try to take a look later this week as soon as I can. On this post http://www.wearehalffull.com/blog/?p=18 I notice some broken code:
<div float:right;=”” ;=”” class=”post-right”>
You need to put the float:right inside a proper style=”” (i.e. style=”float:right” and remove the other ;=””
I’m not sure I’m looking at the right post/problem.
You have this below the image:
<div class=”Clear”></div>
This corresponds to
.clear {
clear: both;
which makes everything that comes after start on a new line below the image.

I haven’t seen this issue in IE8 before. But it looks like people are aware of it. My guess is that you will need to play around with CSS “clear:both” (try removing it) and CSS “float”, and the HTML wrappers around the elements on the page, like <div>, <p>.

Fixing stuff like this usually requires knowledge of CSS. Even if you have it, it can be pretty difficult. Check out some of the posts at the link above, and I will have a look at this as soon as I can.

i was reading your article on creating a static homepg in wordpress and wanted to ask in case you knew a solution. We have created a static homepg and created a ‘page’ called ‘blog’ for our posts page. However, when u click on the link ‘View Older Posts’ in bottom right of pg the link doesnt work. This same link works for all the seperate category pages but for the main ‘blog’ page it goes to ‘http://example.com/blog/page/2/’ and shows nothing at all

any idea how to get it to show the next 10 older posts like it should work? I would hate to have to reinstall everything into a sep blog folder cause i like this setup but need to fix this one problem, any ideas would be much appreciated,

@Tom – Looks like the problem is that you have a static front/home page for you blog but you don’t really need one given the way your site is built. You opted to build static html pages and combine those with WordPress. It’s easier in the long run to build the whole thing in WordPress.

I can’t see how your WordPress is installed. Is WordPress installed in a directory called “blog” or is it in the root directory and you have set your blog posts to display on a “static” page named “blog”? It’s probably the latter. This makes WordPress go looking for the index.php file in order to generate pages 2 and following for you blog. But with a page named “blog” as the front page of your blog, there’s a glitch in the way the “loop” works.

You also have a problem in that your true home page at http://example.com/ is just a logo, and the rest of your site is not indexed by Google (at the moment, anyway). Only the home page is in the Google index. This is not good.

You can do one of two things:
1. Build the whole site in WordPress. Then you can use a true static home page for the home page of your website (currently http://example.com/index.html) and a “blog” page for the blog, like my tutorial shows.
2. Keep your html pages as is, and install WordPress in a subdirectory called “blog”. That way the default blog page will be at http://example.com/blog/index.php You won’t need to use a WordPress page called “blog” as a static page.

thanku for your help- and yes the homepg is blocked off right now cause were still developing things so not worried aobut google at the moment but thanks for mentioning that in case we were live.

As i suspected i need to move the blog it is installed in the root with a fake sample pg set to the static homepg and the posts pg is set to the main ‘blog/’ pg which we are using as the main blog pg.

We dont want to add the whole site into wordpress so this is how i was able to bypass the wordpress setup to have a completely static homepg.

So, basically under ‘Reading’ settings i have it set to ‘A Satic Page’ with front pg set to ‘Sample’ pg and the ‘Posts pg set to ‘blog’ our main blog pg.

wp is installed in the root and im using permalinks to have everything show in the blog folder-

can u confirm is there anything i can do differently to solve this or do i basically need to reinstall the blog in an actual folder called ‘blog’ and reimport the db after i guess as well as reupload the content? Ive never moved a blog so i would love it if i somehow could aovid this, thanks agian for your help. Let me know if theres anything else i could change to avoid having to reinstall and moving everything.

@Tom – Moving the blog is not that difficult if you do it in the following way. Remove “/blog” from your current permalinks. (See below as to why.) Create a new /blog directory. Do a completely new installation of WordPress there. Copy the themes folder and the plugins folder from your current site into the wp-content folder of the new installation. Don’t worry about the uploads folder (see next step).

Activate plugins and your custom theme in the new installation. Turn on permalinks. You’ll need to figure out the best way to set these so that the new installation does not have the problem you have now. As you mentioned, I think you can just remove the artificial “/blog/” from your permalinks. That will now be part of the URL because WordPress is in a real /blog directory. You cannot have permalinks with an artificial /blog/ in the URL and at the same time have a directory named “blog”. One URL or the other will fail. That’s why I suggest you remove “/blog/” from your current permalinks before creating a /blog directory and installing WordPress there. You can also delete your “blog” page that you used for the blog front page since you won’t need that any more.

Now, in your current WordPress dashboard, go to Tools > Export. Create an export .xml file of the site. Now go to Tools > Import in the new installation dashboard. Choose “WordPress” and import the .xml file. Select the option to upload all assets. This will create the uploads folder and bring over everything you have uploaded to your current site via WordPress. (If you have anything in the uploads folder that was not uploaded via WordPress – for example, anything you uploaded using FTP – then you will need to upload that again and create any additional subdirectories using FTP. The .xml export will not include that stuff.)

You don’t need to work with the MySQL database to do any of this. That’s the nice thing about doing an export/import. The import will fill the database with everything you need – except widget content.

You’ll need to add any widgets that are configured in the current site and whatever is in those widgets – the contents of text widgets, for example – into the new site by hand. Those don’t come over with the .xml file import.

You should now have a working duplicate of the current WordPress site living in the new /blog directory. Fix your links on html pages and you should be good to go.

I’m trying to wrap text around an amazon ad within the post. I’m using WP version 3.1 with the Weaver 2.0 theme and I can not get the text to wrap the ad or the ad to float [not sure of the terminology]. I don’t know if you can answer my question, just thought I’d try. Karen

@Karen – I don’t see any “align” applied to the image on your home page. How are you doing it? Did you see this wrap text tutorial?

I have no idea what I’m doing at this point. I had been using blogger and wordpress.com where everything is done for you. This is my first stab at using wordpress.org and I don’t even know the first place to look or where to add any “align” that’s why I’m asking the question.
I did watch the wrap tutorial but I don’t know if my problem is that I’m using a WP plugin to add the amazon ad and there are no selections for changing the alignment. The plugins I’ve tried are Amazon PIP and WP Amazon Associates. I did try just using the http:// url from amazon associates in the add image area but I may be using too much code or the wrong code and it will not let me get past the url position to select left and add to the post.
I don’t know if I’m making any sense.

Thanks for getting back to me.

@Karen – I haven’t tried a plugin to add amazon images/ads so I’m not sure. See if you can open the HTML editing window (click the tab next to the Visual tab) and find
<p><a href=”http://www.amazon.com/Elvis-Dearly-Departed-ebook/dp/B002MTM3FM?SubscriptionId=AKIAIKK5S4V4HWG6QXOQ&tag=wp-amazon-lilksreadlibr-20″ target=”_blank”><img src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51oclH1VsML._SL160_.jpg” height=”160″ width=”98″ rel=”nofollow” /></a>Author Biography</p>

You need to change it to
<a href=”http://www.amazon.com/Elvis-Dearly-Departed-ebook/dp/B002MTM3FM?SubscriptionId=AKIAIKK5S4V4HWG6QXOQ&tag=wp-amazon-lilksreadlibr-20″ target=”_blank”><img style=”float:left” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51oclH1VsML._SL160_.jpg” height=”160″ width=”98″ rel=”nofollow” /></a><p>Author Biography</p>

Adding style=”float:left” as shown above to the img tag and moving the <p> from the beginning to just before the “Author Biography”.

This is what is in the edit window when I select HTML:
[amazon_image id=”0758225903″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Elvis and The Dearly Departed[/amazon_image].

I don’t even see anything that looks like what you’ve written. Is there any other way to add my amazon associates links to my posts?

Thanks for spending so much time on this. I’m so perplexed.


@Karen – Gotta run for now. But, if you take the code I showed you and use it to replace what you showed above, that might take care of it.

That didn’t work but I copied it from your post here because the email had some different characters that the post. So don’t know if that matters.

Thanks for everything.

thanks for your help mark i reimported the db and set it up inside an actual blog folder blog is working good now so this was the solution thanks again!

@Karen – Tell me the link to the plugin you are using and I will have a look when I have more time.

I have been to this site and think I may have it solved, sorry I didn’t realize that there was so much information on their sites. Have been to other plugin/theme sites and got nowhere. WP Amazon Associates Plugin: http://labs.mdbitz.com/2010/11/wordpress-amazon-associate-now-supports-multiple-locales/

This is the same as above but a little more complicated. Amazon Product in a Post Plugin: http://www.fischercreativemedia.com/wordpress-plugins/amazon-product-in-a-post-plugin/

I will let you know when I have time to try their suggestions.

Thanks for your help and leading me in the right direction.


Tried them both and no go, don’t know what’s wrong. Did some revamping on my theme last night and am now using the Weaver 1.5.4. General things that were not working before are now functioning, such as the summary on the post page, before it was showing the whole post even though the settings were set to summary. Don’t know if you can help me with the amazon plugin maybe I’ll have to post on the plugin website.


Hi Mark,

I want to set up a thank you page for people who opt-in to my newsletter. My questions is, how do i create a page without it showing up in the headings or sub-headings of my site?


@Gavin – If you are using a theme that supports the new menus (Appearance > Menus) in WordPress 3.x, you can add the page and then make sure it does not appear in the menu. If it shows up in the menu by default, just delete it. If the menu is not set to add new top-level pages automatically, you don’t have to do anything.

If you have an older theme, you can use the Exclude Pages plugin.

Cindy Hill

Apr 6, 2011

2:35 PM

Hi Mark,

I am new to WordPress and am using Widgets for the first time. I have added a text widget successfully but the problem is that the text box is showing on every single page. I would only like it to show on my Home Page.
Can you guide me as to how to correct this?

Thank you!

Cindy Hill

Apr 6, 2011

3:51 PM


I am really confused…when I initially created my site, I had two home tabs. I followed your instructions and created a subpage home which is hidden. I have a poll on my home page which I want to show only on the home page, not every page as it is currently. It gets even more confusing because when I click on my “home” tab, I have no postID number to enter in to Widget Logic. When I click on my home subpage, it shows post ID 13. I have entered the code: is_single(13) in the Widget Logic. When I go out to check the page, it has removed the poll from every page. When I enter the command: is_home(13) it removes the poll from every page EXCEPT the blog page which is page ID 11. My website is http://www.zynyoga.com if you want to take a look.

How can I get my poll to show only on the home page?

Thank you!

@Cindy Hill – Unfortunately your WordPress theme has only one sidebar. That sidebar shows up on every page. Some themes have more than one page template and some of those page templates have different sidebars. I recommend Woothemes, Themeforest and StudioPress. For about $50 or less you can get a powerful theme that will let you customize multiple sidebars.

Check out the links at the bottom of Comment #6 on this page: http://www.mcbuzz.com/2010/questions-about-wordpress-ask-them-here/ These tell you how you can make a custom sidebar yourself using the theme you have now.

First, thank you very much for your service. I have been all over WordPress.org trying to figure out what I did wrong. This is my first site and I feel like I have read at least half of an encyclopedia, of which 90% I don’t understand. I might even have found my answer but had no clue that I did. After about a week of this I am ready to kill something. My east side bar is all screwed up and although it really doesn’t look that good it’s OK….and I can live with it. I would like for my “Who Am I” to come up but I can’t get it to. My biggest problem is I read where I should have a privacy policy on my site and I installed the plug-in for it and modified it and put in my contact info and everything and I even got it to show up on my east sidebar. When I click on it it goes to 404 error page not found. It also happens on the top header too. This is the main problem or at least the one I would like to get fixed first. If you have time and it’s not too much trouble I would like to know how to align everything on the east sidebar also, but like I said, that is not that important to me right now. Thank You VERY MUCH.

@J.R. Cox – I can see your privacy policy page if I use the search feature on your site http://www.privatemortgagelender.org/?s=s But there is a serious problem with the URLs that are in your links on the page vs. where pages actually reside according to their address. The two don’t match. I guess you knew that. I can’t look into this too deeply right now. But I would suggest creating a new installation of WordPress in a subdirectory like http://www.privatemortgagelender.org/test/ to see if the new installation has the same problem. Sorry I can’t be of immediate help. Have you tried asking your web host? Sometimes they will help, especially with URL issues.

Hi there,

I just stumbled on your website, as i was looking for some urgent help with my wordpress website.Could really use some help, feeling desperate here.

The thing is, i installed a wp theme there, that has a slider on the frontpage (5 images slide one after another), now i managed to change the default images to those of my own, but i cannot remove the TEXT ON THE BLACK BAR that appears on the images as they load up.

I already tried to edit the featured.php – thats where the sliders are, but nothing worked, i managed to delete some of the text, yet “TITLE 1” still appears along with the black bar.

I desperately need this text and bar COMPLETELY REMOVED, so that only sliding pictures remain. I sincerely hope you can help me out here. I am no expert, so this seems like a dead end for me.

Will be waiting for your reply.

Thank you.


i have wordpress blog .comments doesn’t appear in my page just (about me page)?? i read in wordprees org. they said i must add this code in all my pages to make comments appear

Nothing change.please im beginner in wordpress i need further explanation to how solve this issue. this my bloger website —www.ancientbabyloncivilization.com
and you can see the code i add it in my page.

@wesam – Unless you are determined to use the theme you have now, why not try switching themes? If comments are missing, that might be a sign that there are more problems ahead with that theme. Did you try contacting the designer/developer of the theme?

If you are determined to use that theme and the designer can’t help, you can look at the Twenty Ten theme files “comments.php” and “single.php”. Compare those to your current theme files of the same name. You should be able to identify the missing code. Copy and paste that into your theme. Then put those files into your site using Appearance > Editor or use a text editor and FTP software to copy them over the existing files.

@Farmazon – Looks like you are using the Featured Content gallery. You should be able to find an answer here: http://www.featuredcontentgallery.com/install-setup/ or in their support forum.

Mike fawcett

Apr 19, 2011

1:30 AM

Message: hi im a complete novice with wp, i want to change the landing page, “home”, how can i edit this,  do you have a video for this,

thanks in advance


@Mike – Depending on your WordPress theme and version of WordPress, this can be easy or difficult. Can you tell me the URL (aka web address, like mywebsite.com)?

@Mike – You need to create a custom menu. I’m pretty sure this is a free tutorial. If you have to sign up, it’s worth it. wp101.com makes great tutorials http://www.wp101.com/videos/custom-menus

Otherwise, you can google “custom wordpress menu tutorial” or something along those lines – like these: http://www.google.com/search?q=custom+wordpress+menu+tutorial

Ansgar Offermann

Apr 23, 2011

12:45 AM

Hi, i have a problem with wordpress.

I try to make a static website with wordpress but somehow its really difficult for me to align text and plugins on a website.

The website is still offline so I cant give u a link, but I could send you a picture if you want to see my problem. Whenever I create a table order in wordpress “html view” i have the Problem that my Text doesnt start top like he should, but after the wordpress plugin … here is my code:

[flgallery id=1 /]

and if I write in wordpress the borders of the table somehow are not fixed. I would appreciate your help very very much.


@Ansgar Offermann – Given our limited resources, it is almost impossible to diagnose a problem without being able to see the site. Sorry!

Hi Mark.

This is a GREAT site. I have a theme question. I’ve reached out to the developer and haven’t heard back yet, so I’m hoping perhaps another wordpress expert can help.

The theme I’m using has an administrative setting included for its homepage fade slider. On the back end, you are supposed to be able to click a button to edit the images and text you place in the slider (as well as be able to click another button to edit the slider’s settings) however when I click on either button, nothing happens. Do you know why this might be happening and how it can be resolved? Thanks!

@TC – That’s a tough one. I’d recommend making sure that the permissions on the wp-content directory are 755 or higher. They might need to be set to 777. If you have FTP software, you can do this yourself by right-clicking on the wp-content folder and selecting Properties (depending on your FTP software). If you have a good web host, you can call them and they will help you do this.

Also, have you tried uploading a photo from your computer into WordPress? What happens when you do that? No problem? Usually if permissions is an issue you will not be able to upload anything.

oh okay, thanks Mark I’ll take a look. What’s odd is I have no problems uploading photos, plugins, etc. However I can’t search for plugins (keep getting an http error message) and I can’t edit the banner slide show photos for this theme or change the settings for the banner. I’m familiar with ftp, so I’ll change the settings and see if that works and will report back either way, so it can be of help to someone else with a similar issue.

@TC – Please do report back. That’s very helpful. There’s another issue that might be the cause. With some hosts, you can do things like upload images but you can’t use the automatic WordPress update or Install New Plugin features because of a certain restriction on their server. The terminology escapes me, but it has to do with the fact that the original database username that’s created when you install WordPress is the only user that can modify the database in some cases. (Or it might be the server access username. I can’t find it in my notes – buy a tech support person will know what this is.) Unless tech support does something to create a proxy user – either temporarily or permanently – you won’t be able to use the features above.


Just want to know how to change the footer on the home page especially the bit that says authorized by – need to change the name.


@dale carroll – You need to edit the footer.php file in your theme. You can do this with FTP or with the WordPress dashboard. If you know how to use FTP, that is a bit safer. Either way, I recommend that you save a copy of the original footer.php.

To use the Editor in the dashboard, go to Appearance > Editor (shown here). Once you are in the Editor, click on the footer.php link on the right.

Now click in the editing area and Select All so that you can copy and paste the contents of the footer.php file into a text file for safe keeping. Use any text editor (like Notepad on a PC or TextEdit on a Mac), but not something like Microsoft Word. Save the file somewhere.

Now you can edit the file. Every theme’s footer.php file is different. If you can find the text you want to change, great. Go ahead and change it and click the Update File button. Be careful not to delete and special HTML or PHP characters like < or >. If you do, you can really mess up your pages. If anything bad happens to your site while you’re doing this, you need to get the original footer.php text you saved earlier and paste it back into the Editor and click update to restore the footer.

It’s possible that the text you want to edit in your footer is generated dynamically by PHP, meaning that it won’t be visible in the footer.php file. If that’s the case, paste the contents of the footer.php file into an email and send it to me. I will tell you which part to change.

Hi, ive created several pages, however im unable to see them on the actual page.

im wondering if you could shed any light on my WP skills.

many thanks

Hello Mark. I just tried to change my home page to a static page as per your video but my list of pages does not show 2 home pages (“Home” never has been listed). It just shows the new one. Consequently I cannot move the old home page and when I click on the Home tab, I get an error 404. What did I do wrong? Thanks for any help on this. I really like the way you do your videos. You don’t assume I know anything. And you don’t make me feel stupid like many others do.

@mike – Try switching back to the Twenty Ten theme. Can you see your pages? Your theme may not be compatible with recent versions of WordPress – although it looks like a recent theme. You might also try disabling the shopping cart, if that’s possible, to see if regular pages display then. My guess is that the theme files are broken somehow. You could point me to the download page for the theme and I’ll take a look.

@Ken Gebert – Hard to know what’s going on without looking at your dashboard. See the WordPress navigation tutorial here. This may solve the problem.

Hi Mark, I have a couple of questions for you today:

1. How do i add a twitter followers counter to the header of my site? The code is
Gavin McMaster on Twitter Counter.com

2. I use You Tube to host my videos, is there any way to upload free videos to my site that are longer than 15min?

3. I have some Amazon affiliate links that show the picture of the books etc, but they keep disappearing and i dont know why. Does it have something to do with switching between HTML and Visual in my dashboard?

4. My pages seem to load quite slowly at times and i’m not sure why. I do have some images that i have added directly to the site rather than using a hosting service, could this be the reason?


hmm the codee didn’t work, let me try this.

script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://twittercounter.com/embed/Optiontradiniq/ffffff/111111″>Gavin McMaster on Twitter Counter.com</noscript

@Gavin – For your first question, can you point me to the place you are getting the code?

2. Not sure about this. Try http://vimeo.com/ or http://www.dailymotion.com/

3. Yes. You are right. You either have to use Users > Your Profile > (profile name) > Visual Editor > “Disable the visual editor when writing” to turn off the Visual Editor so this does not happen or you have to put the original Amazon code into the post or page any time you edit and save it. There are editor plugins for WordPress that might help you avoid this problem. I haven’t tried them myself for this, but the CKEditor plugin, for example, is very slick and worth checking out regardless: http://wordpress.ckeditor.com/ | http://ckeditor.com/

4. Images are likely not the cause unless they are much larger files than necessary for your purposes (i.e. the resolution is higher than you need for the size/dimensions of the image you have in the page). Your web host might be the cause, but there are lots of other possible causes. Are you using a WordPress caching plugin? You can use tools like http://code.google.com/speed/page-speed/ and http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/ to troubleshoot.

Thanks Mark, I will try those suggestions. For Q1. I got ther code from this site.


@Gavin – To insert the JavaScript, you need to use a text editor and FTP. You can’t put it in a widget or the body of a page. I see they have a plugin for WordPress. Did you try that?

I just installed the plugin, activated it and organized the setting with my username etc. The preview looked fine but it’s not showing on the site. Any steps i might have missed?

@Gavin – Tough to say. First troubleshooting step would be to deactivate your other plugins one by one – keeping the counter plugin active – to see if the counter shows up. There might be a conflict.

Hi all

I just designed a blog to go with our small classic car club website here in the south of Spain. Before I make it available to club members I need to do something about registration. I have read up on as much as I can find but couldn’t find an answer to this:

Ideally I would like to be able to pre-register the 60 or so members so that they can post and comment from the outset (some are not very computer literate and registering first might throw them for a loop).

I have looked at the user creation part of Dashboard and it would be very laborious to have to do this for every member. Is there a simple way to create, say, contributor rights for all the members?

I have their names and email addresses – e.g. in an excel file. Is there any way to cut and paste from, or import a pre-defined list?

Thanks for any help…

@Richard Joss – Try the Import Users plugin for WordPress by Dagon Design. Dagon makes some of the best WordPress plugins I’ve found. I haven’t tried this one, but it looks like an easy way to add WordPress users. There’s also a Dagon Design plugin to clean up WordPress users.

Bless you mate – I’ll give em a go!

I am looking for a way to create pages on my site that use a different template than the one the rest of the site is using. I picked my theme which works for my site, but i want to be able to also create pages that look like this : http://www.efundraisingonline.com/GroupPage.aspx?e=npnvy0Ox75c%3d

I understand they wont have the same function, but i want just a simple page with a photo and a few sections i can customize for different people. Please help. I am very new to html and css and php, So if you have a code or know somewhere i can get one that would be great.

Thank You

I am a novice, but I have my website, online store and blog the way I want them. I had to change my blog theme because the widgets were in the wrong place so I chose another one. The only problem is that my blog widgets such as categories, posts, etc., when clicked on go to my website instead of my blog site.

The blog and store are subdomains under digitaldesignzonline.com and all have separate folders and wordpress installs. My website digitaldesignzonline.com (so far) is working great, and my store: digitaldesignzonline.com/store seems to be also.

The only problem is my blog. When I click on the posts categories in the sidebar widgets, the address show the correct post link and name, but actually goes to digitaldesignzonline,com site.

My blog pages direct back to the website, but that doesn’t bother me. I think it is where the problem may be?

I have tried different themes, deleted a ton of plugins that were not activated, checked the permalinks settings, and tried everything I can think of.
I have googled for 5-8 hours and can’t find the problem. Please help me before I have a stroke trying to figure this out!
PS I am a novice at php, etc., but can follow instructions if clear and precise.

You will be my hero if you can help me!

@JS – Either there is a simple solution for this or I probably can’t help. :) Server issues are tricky. The first thing you can try is to look under Settings > General and see what the WordPress address (URL) and Blog address (URL) are. Are they both “www.digitaldesignzonline.com/blog” ? Whatever they are, you should change them both to “digitaldesignzonline.com/blog/” (without the quotes – be sure to remove the “www.” and be sure to add the trailing slash so that they are exactly as shown). Let me know if that helps.

@Dwayne – See if this WordPress custom page template tutorial helps.

Thank you so much for responding.

This is what is showing in my settings:

I entered digitaldesignzonline.com/blog/ as you suggested, and I get the following error:

The WordPress address you entered did not appear to be a valid URL. Please enter a valid URL.
The Site address you entered did not appear to be a valid URL. Please enter a valid URL.

My blog is a subdomain of my domain and is in a separate folder and separate wordpress install,

I did inspect the widget area when activated with firebug in firefox but wasn’t sure which file it was in. Novice at firebug also LOL. I think it is where the problem is, It said this:
<ahref=http://digitaldesignzonline.com/blog/website"<website (if I wrote it correctly.

Could this be the problem?

I can activate the widget if you need to inspect it.

Thanks so very much for your help!

@JS – You need to keep the “http://” in front of the URL. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. So under Settings > General use “http://digitaldesignzonline.com/blog/” instead of “digitaldesignzonline.com/blog/” or “http://www.digitaldesignzonline.com/blog/”


Made the change, still redirects to my website. Has the correct post url but will go to website instead of staying on my blog. UGH

@JS – Do you have FTP access? Can you look at your .htaccess file in the website root directory (the main directory where all your files are)?

There might be a conflict between the rewrite rule for the main site versus the blog. I have seen that before. Let me know if you can view the .htaccess file. You should be able to call your web host support to get them to show you how to download it. Download the one in the root directory and the one in the /blog/ directory as well while you are at it.

I too came upon the htaccess idea. I have 2 copies in notepad I had saved. I looked at the main htaccess file and the one for my store and they are indeed different than my blog.

I contacted my hosting co and he was helping me in chat and all of a sudden he asked if I was changing info. Then he said he would escalate a ticket for someone more informed to help me. I asked if he thought someone had hacked or is hacking my account, but he didn’t answer me! Hopefully no one is hacking it.

Here are the two different files for the htaccess I have saved:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /blog/
RewriteRule ^index.php$ – [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /blog/index.php [L]

I have labeled this blog
DirectoryIndex index.php
#BEGIN WordPress

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

# END WordPress
this was the original in cpanel

When I try the first one, I get an error. I don’t remember why I attempted to change it in the first place. I must have been having problems and searched the web.

My store htacces file says /store in the code and when I copied that but changed store to blog, I still got an error.

Thanks again for your help. It is very much appreciated.



You are so generous with your help. Thank you so much. My hosting company has fixed my htaccess file and everything is working fine now. Thanks again for all the help you do for everyone


@JS – Ah ha! So .htaccess was the problem. Glad that worked for you! I’m also glad to hear that your hosting company was willing to help. That’s not always the case when you are using WordPress or other 3rd party software installations. And kudos to you for your persistence!


i would not use persistence, but stubborness LOL I think it happened when I was following directions on how to make a child theme so I wouldn’t lose my personalization. You don’t learn if you don’t try!

My hosting company has been pretty good to me. Although I didn’t mention wordpress! I just said my blog was redirecting to my site and the htaccess may be the problem.

Thanks again!


I ust downloaded wordpress and set up everything in what I thought should be done.
When I go to my dashboard for this site, everything appears to be OK but when I try to “visit this site”‘ , I get the mesage that the link to the site is wrong.
Please, please help

@chris and debt.info – When I go to your site at http://debt.info I am redirected to http://www.debt.info – so check this reply on a similar topic about WordPress URLs and do the same for your site. You might have one or the other under Settings > General. See if you can make them both http://debt.info and be sure to click the save/update changes button.

Hi, I have created a shortcode for a button in wordpress. I would like to use this shortcode as the submit button on a contact form.

Here is the shortcode:
[button link=”#”]Button Text[/button]

Here is the form:



phone number:



How can I place this shortcode within the html so it would work for the submit button wihtin this code?
Any ideas would be extremely helpful. Thanks.

Sorry the html code is not coming out correctly.

form id=”contactform” method=”post” action=””>



phone number:




@Cgcs – In comments, WordPress removes bracket symbols < > If you want, you can upload a text file containing the HTML for the form, and then send me the link to the file or insert it here in the comments.

Even without seeing the code, I don’t think you can get the button short code to do what you want in a form because the submit button uses JavaScript, not a URL, to send the contents of the form to the “action=” value you specify in the <form> tag. Why not try this WordPress free form plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/contact-form-7/ or my favorite (paid) form plugin for WordPress: http://www.gravityforms.com/ ?


I am looking for help in finding the right theme to use to make a website that is essentially a map with links to separate businesses that are also marked on the map (a google map is what I am currently using, and is great). It’s essentially what I have right now, only to make it work I had to do some strange things with my formatting and I would like to make it better (and easier to change or add information to). So I was wondering if there is a better theme to use or if you have any suggestions to make this easier. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated!



I found you on youtube searching for hyperlink tutorial but finally figured it out.

NOW HUGE DILEMMA. No help from my web guy. I was changing font color on my cocktail party page which had photos on the left and the menu on the right with a scroll bar. WHAT A MESS when moving this field like box. Stuck and don’t know how to fix it back to the way it was. Can you assist?


Many thanks.

@Marit – For maps in WordPress, try MapPress. If you have already fearlessly customized a Google Map using the standard interface, you might be able to work with the API to customize you maps further. You might also be able to tweak the MapPress plugin’s PHP code to make it do exactly what you want.

@Michele Liguori – Looks like you have already fixed it, no?

I am a 64 year old man who just retired from public education and decided to learn WP to build my very first website. I was doing great until I installed and started setting up the wp e-commerce plugin. Normally when you have a drop down menu, you have to move the mouse to one of the drop down items. But on the Products tab of this menu, you actually have to click on Products. Then a page appears that says your shopping cart is empty and provides a link to the “Shop” that goes nowhere. I only have two products, a finished airplane and an airplane in kit form. I just want a page that explains the differences between the two products, allows the buyer to select one, and then move to another page where the select what color and how many they want. Then it is on to Paypal for payment. Can I do that with this plug in or do I need to do something different? Also, I have several variations of one product that I want to delete, but when I trash them they don’t go away.

@Roger – I have not used the WordPress WP eCommerce plugin. It’s my understanding that there are many eCommerce themes available that are designed for use with that plugin. It sounds like you may be able to solve your problems by going with a different theme. I’d recommend trying 5 or 10 themes. (Don’t give up!)

Googling “wp ecommerce themes”, I find a number of sites that offer these. Some are free. Here is one set of eCommerce theme options. And here are eCommerce themes collected by the makers of WP eCommerce.

Hi, I put in a category I then didn’t want. So I deleted the category and the page but the category is still showing in my left sidebar (shop). As I cannot find it anywhere on my word press blog and know NOTHING about coding, how on earth do I get rid of this ‘ghost’ category?. I actually want a PAGE shop, in my horizontal menu and can do that but with the ‘ghost’ category still showing – no link working of course – it would look and be weird for readers.

I am using an Artisteer theme made in v3 but as I said have NO idea of coding whatsoever.

@Mary K – How did you delete the category? Normally you would go into the dashboard under Posts > Categories. Find the category there, and delete it. Try clearing your browser’s cache. You might also try switching to the Twenty Ten (or Twenty Eleven) default WordPress theme to see if it still shows up. You may have a caching plugin like WP Super Cache activated. Look under Plugins for that. It could still be showing you your site with the category in the sidebar when it has actually been deleted.

john ballantyne

Jul 11, 2011

3:57 AM

Question about WordPress – I transferred my domain name to GoDaddy and signed up for GoDaddy to be my web host. Part of the package included WordPress. I viewed your tutorial about creating static and Home pages on wordpress. My question is this – on your screens you have a horizontal tool bar that you use to refresh and that shows Home-Home-Blog etc. The wordPress scrrens that I am using on the wordpress screens I am using with GoDaddy do not show this horizontal tool bar – only the vertical one with Dashboard-Posts-Pages etc. Is the tool bar I am missing being hidden by godaddy? How do I open the tool bar that you have? Your advice will be appreciated. John
PS – additional point – the horizontal tool bar across the top of the screen does not appear at all? For example, no refresh icon or home page icon?

@john ballantyne – The dashboard in my tutorials is from WordPress version 2. My tutorials are two years old and, sadly, I haven’t had time to update them. The dashboard you see in my tutorials is from WordPress version 2. The good news: you can find WordPress version 3 tutorials on WordPress 101.

I am a new WP user and have integrated a genealogy system with WP using a plugin which enables login to both WP and my genealogy site, shares styles and inserts the pages into my WP. All works well using the Twenty Ten theme.

Using my preferred theme, the genealogy pages are rendered above the WP header. See under Family Tree on my site.
I have tried to find the problem which I suspect is with the plugin, but tobe honest it is beyond my limited experience. Can you help please? Any ideas gratefully received.

@Martin M – With limited experience, this is a tough problem to solve. If this is a self-hosted site (you pay to host on HostGator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc.) I recommend that you create a test installation in a different directory so that you can tinker with the plugin and the theme to see if you can fix things without risk of damaging the live site. In other words, create a duplicate of the site where only you can access it (or only you know it’s there), and learn some CSS and PHP to try to get rid of the problem.

Alternatively, you can find someone with some CSS and PHP skills to help. There are some freelancers on this page that would probably be able to help, like Mike Brogan and Scott Marlow and (on the second page) Ian Dunn. http://www.meetup.com/SeattleWordPressMeetup/boards/forum/1427079

Hi Mark
I have just found your youtube wordpress tutorials and they are a godsend…I have learned so much from them… I have a question regarding permalinks I hope you can help me with…

How do I set up my permalink structure so that it looks like this http://www.mysite.com/home or http://www.mysite.com/products instead of having numbers, date and questions mark in my permalinks
Thanks Dave

@Dave – Thanks for the kind words. I don’t have one myself, but a very good tutorial on WordPress permalinks is available here. The one-time fee to join and see these tutorials is well worth it. They are excellent. (I am not an affiliate.)

i have sidebar issue i will be glad to help me, i made my sidebar in the bottom of my page(under my content) I was try to reduce my sidebar,i change my Stylesheet (style.css) / Column Two
#sidebar1 {
float: left;
width: 270px;
padding: 5px 20px;
i change margin 25 to another number ,the sidebar drop down i reset thee number but nothing change i hope help me in this issue the theme is Voidy
this my blog
http;//www.ancient Babylon civilization.com

@sandbad – Looks like your sidebar is back where it should be. Sometimes you need to clear your browser’s cache to see a change like that when you reset your margin. http://kb.iu.edu/data/ahic.html

Note that your site is full of spam comments. Any time you have comments from “agency debt recovery” (on your About page) “wholesale jewelry china” you are getting spam. But usually when someone says “Nice post!” and nothing relevant to your site specifically, that’s also spam.

If you know off WordPress training programs (or someone who might know re same) there are two staff here at SouthEast Housing Co-operative in Melbourne, Australia who would like intermediate and advanced training, SouthEast will pay.

Love your work.


Hey Mark, thanks so much for helping us out at no cost….wicked crazy, thanks. I want to sell apparel from a number of clothing brands from around the world. I am interested in only receiving a commission or referral percentage from the companies that sign on. I am hoping to somehow display the clothes on my pages and when a customer clicks on it , they are taken to the company and the shipping and billing is handled by the company. All I want to do is maintain the site and go to the mailbox to get my checks, just like a million other people would like to do.
Is there a plugin to put product on a page with a hyperlink to a company?
Do I use clickbank for this project?
What is the best way to go?
In other words …. How the hell do I accomplish this?

@Tim – Thanks for your question. Sorry I don’t have a quick answer. Although I do know lots about WordPress, eCommerce is a different animal. I’m not well-versed in eCommerce. Please take a look at Google results for “ecommerce plugins for wordpress“. Many of the companies and developers there may be able to help you. Also check out PluginBuddy and WPMU.org WordPress plugins.

Hello I have added a logo to my header but it has turned out too big, how can I make it smaller, thank you.

Hi Mark
hoping you can help…. I am trying to load a large custom menu into a new wordpress site, I keep getting a time out message from my config.php
Is there any way and what would be the directory that I can FTP in a custom directory?

@dave – I can’t picture what it is you are attempting to do. What do you mean by “load a large custom menu”? Create a menu using Appearance > Menus? How many items are in the menu? Have you tried switching themes to see what happens?

I have newly started a wordpress blog. The problem is that whenever I post a blog It shows whole of the blog on the homepage and sometimes leaving no space for other posts on page. Is there a way to show only the bit of the post on the homepage and rest of it on the actual post page.
Hope you will help.

@Asif – Sounds like a job for the More Tag aka the More Button

Malathy Badri

Nov 17, 2011

5:03 AM

I have recently bought a blog, building unique content. I am facing problem with Featured Content Galley. I think I am stuck with advance custom field. Here is my blog url:

Can you pl help out?

HI Mark

I’m back, I’m using weaver with the upgrade and I am trying to make a massive sidebar flyout menu using ‘jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu’ (which is really cool) My menu will have around 5000 categories once its done. I am getting a time out error as I load more categories into the fray (so to speak) I have been into my config.php and increased the timeout to 6000 (I have read default is 30) and also the menu size from 32mB to 124mB but alas my woes continue…
I’m wondering is there a way to upload such large menus via ftp or directly into mysql databases.


I’m so glad I found you because I was just getting ready to scrap WP for other easier to use tools. This thing is a monster to set-up. I feel like I have to nearly be a computer programmer. Here’s what I’m trying to do. . .

Find a free template that is clean, clean. I don’t want blogging on the first page. I want to dedicate my articles to a specific tab. I want to create a static page for my first page. I can do that in graphics outside of the WP platform and upload.. Still, I’d like to have the helpful sidebar to collect emails, get subscribers, connect to fb etc. Help, help!!! I’m going nuts with WP! Pleeeeease.

Hi Freda, I can help you out with some of this, first there are plenty of free WP templates you can use, as for creating a static home page set up the page you want to be your home page and another page for your articles lets call it ‘articles’ for this exercise.. In your dashboard click on ‘settings’ you will get a drop down menu from this in this dropdown menu click on ‘reading’ at the top of the main dashboard area you can set your home page to be static and assign which page you want to be static home page and you can also choose another page to be your posts page and point it to your ‘articles’ page. Once this is set whenever you upload a new article it automatically is placed in your ‘articles’ page.
Easy Peasy

Hope this helps

in my site..the meta description and keywords are not showing.i have tried using all in one seo pack and other meta tag plugin but to no avail.also my sitemap is not showing as expected in compare with other sitemap. i used bwp google xml sitemap plugin

@Adegbite Kehinde – Give Platinum SEO plugin a try. Try switching themes temporarily to Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven, to see if that will make the SEO plugin work properly, or try replacing code in header.php in the <head> section of the page with code from a standard theme like Twenty Eleven. BE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR DATABASE FIRST. USE A BACKUP PLUGIN THAT BACKS UP NON-WORDPRESS TABLES. BackupBuddy plugin is one option. Typically it’s custom themes that will prevent these plugins from working right. This is tricky stuff. Changing themes without backing everything up COMPLETELY can be dangerous. See my Terms of Use.

I have a tab in the nav bar that I would like to delete, can you please tell me how to do that. Thanks

Martin Brault

Feb 13, 2012

4:22 PM

I am new to the whole WordPress thing, but I love what I see so far.

I am designing a theme from scratch, it will be designed using HTML5 and CSS3, One issue though, it’s that darn Div Tag that Wraps around my Menu. Everything else is fine, it’s HTML5. But I just cant rid that Div Tag, I want to replace it with a Nav Tag.
I had been to Codex and other forums to get help. Nothing as of yet is working. Any Advice?

If you are using wp_nav_menu you can change the container from a div to nav by changing the container argument.

For example, this will create a wp_nav_menu with a container:

< ?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'container' => 'nav' ) ); ?>

You can learn more about wp_nav_menu here on the Codex.

If you are using WordPress menus, that is an easy fix. In your WordPress dashboard go to Appearance -> Menus. On the right side of the page will be your menu links. Click on the drop down arrow next to the one you want to remove and click on the red “Remove” link.

Hi ,

this is haripriya, i am going to buid a new wordpress e-commerce site.
at present i am using templaticmarket theme. but i need price filter, automatic currency switcher plugins . other e-commerce themes/plugins like jigshop and woo commecrce have the above options. but that plugins not supporting my theme. please send me if you know any plugins for product search by price or price filter and automatic currency switcher plugin which supports any e-commerce theme.

Thank you.

@haripriya – Sorry but WordPress e-commerce is not my strong suit. Maybe Jeremy Green will have suggestions for you. Which themes do the makers of the e-commerce plugins recommend?

Hello guys

I am new to wordpress this is my website http://www.alegaladvisor.com in this i do not want this “March 24, 2012” to be displayed and the grey box with “filed under: About us comments off” . can any one help me on this

thanks in advance

Since this is how your theme is setup, you would have to edit the theme code in order to remove the date at the top and the meta box at the bottom of the post. You can also check your Theme Options to see if they have the option to remove these features. Some themes will have a checkbox that allows you to remove the “comments are off” text. Otherwise, you’ll need to remove the comments template code from the php file.

When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Perhaps there is an easy method you can remove me from that service? Appreciate it!

@WP Theme AZON – Any emails you receive to notify you of comments should have a “To manage your subscriptions or to block all notifications from this site, click the link below:” link in them.

After switching hosting Companies I am not able to upload images to my blog. This is the error message:Warning: copy(D:hosting9440670htmlwordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/scream.jpg) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in D:hosting9440670htmlwordpresswp-adminincludesfile.php on line 348
Someone said I need to edit the php file on those lines but I do not have a clue. Can you advise me?
Thank you so much for any consideration.

@Rev Jack Wilson – First, I would ask your web host. You should not have to edit your WordPress php files to be able to upload images to a standard installation of WordPress. Next you could look at search results like this: Permission denied WordPress – Google search

Is there a way to put Amazon ads on the home page, or any page for that matter? I would like to put the Amazon ads right inderneath the cover story. Right now they’re just on the sidebar.

You would have to edit the template that is displaying your homepage, probably index.php. You could add the ad code directly to the file, or create a widget area that you could access using the Widgets in the WordPress admin.

I have a problem with my home page and other pages at :
but it all looks perfect at:
My programmer thinks its a hosting issue, the host company say it’s a programming issue. I have paid for my web site and programmer wants me to pay more to fix this!
I know a little about wordpress. Can I fix this myself in the Options?

Mark McLaren

Sep 14, 2012

5:03 AM

@Mary – This will either be easy to fix or not so easy. Try this first: in the dashboard, under Settings > General, check to make sure that the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are both http://fairymary.com.au

If not, then change them to http://fairymary.com.au

Note that if you have to change them, when you click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page, WordPress will kick you out to the login page. No worries. Just go ahead and login. Go back to Settings > General to confirm that the URL is now http://fairymary.com.au

If the URLs are both http://fairymary.com.au and your site is still visible at http://www.fairymary.com.au then there is a redirection that must be added to your .htaccess file in the root directory. If you don’t have a .htaccess file, you can create one. Server issues can be tricky. Let me know if this first solution does not work, and I can tell you what I recommend you try next.

Also, check in the dashboard at the bottom right corner of the page to see what version of WordPress you are using.

Thank you SO much for your quick response Mark. I’ll get back to you once I’ve done all that.

Hi Mark. After checking the addresses you mentioned above, the site is still visible at http://www.fairymary.com.au/
Unfortuately I dont know how to create a.htaccess file. Or where I can find the root directory!
Is this something you can show me?
I’m using version 3.4.2

Mark McLaren

Sep 14, 2012

5:26 PM

@Mary – Modifying .htaccess is not hard but you need FTP access to your site on the server. It’s best to have a developer help with this. The next thing I recommend is fairly simple. You need to add a few lines of code to the .htaccess file that will redirect requests for URLs containing “www.” to the non-www. URL. The examples on the following pages do the opposite, but a developer can modify them so that they do what you want. http://www.webconfs.com/how-to-redirect-a-webpage.php http://www.htaccesstools.com/articles/htaccess-redirect/

You’ll need to test it out and be sure to keep a copy of the original .htaccess file so you can put it back if something goes wrong. The .htaccess file is very powerful. Also be sure to read my Terms of Use.

Thank you Mark. I have put in a request for my access passcodes, as i am no longer using my original programmer. I will keep you updated, and I really appreciate your help.

Hi, I am currently getting ready to set up a website for a small business and will be using WordPress for the first time. Are there sites or forums that have actual reviews about WordPress themes? It seems like most “review” sites simply list themes as a way to get a percentage of the sale, which isn’t very helpful. I was also wondering if I need to get a theme that is designed to run ecommerce plugins or if it is simple to add an ecommerce option to any theme. Thanks for the help!

Mark McLaren

Sep 19, 2012

5:23 PM

@Susan – Commercial themes listed on the WordPress.org website are best for business websites. http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/commercial/ I’m partial to WooThemes. Their themes are high-quality and they’re always improving. They offer a nice eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce. iThemes and Press75 are also very good.

I’m setting up an e-commerce site and switching from 3dcart. Do you know what platform is best to use that will accept credit cards and is PCI compliant? Woo offers a third party but they charge .50 a transaction. Do you know if there is a better way? Thanks!

@Amber – I don’t have a lot of experience in this area. What are the alternatives to $0.50 a transaction? A flat fee like that from a reputable host/service sounds pretty appealing to me. (I am not a Woo affiliate.) Why not try that until you find something better? (Just my 2 cents.) :)

Hi there!
I have accidentally deleted the script in my home.php editor, and I don’t know what text is meant to be there. I was trying to insert a script for a switch to mobile version of my site, in the index.php, but went to the wrong screen.
Is there a generic code for this page, because now I have no live home page!

Mark McLaren

Oct 25, 2012

4:38 AM

@Mary Diamond – You need to get the original files for the theme. If you uploaded the theme from your computer, you can unzip the theme files and open home.php with a text editor like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac. Copy the whole thing and paste it into home.php in the WordPress editor under Appearance > Editor (which it sounds like you were using). I always copy and paste a the file into a text editor first before making any changes so that I have a backup handy to put back if something goes wrong.

Thank you mark. I didn’t originally download the theme.
My Web designer did it. Can I still access the file to download it?

Mark McLaren

Oct 25, 2012

5:05 AM

@Mary – You need to find a backup copy somewhere. Hopefully your designer has one. If the designer customized the theme or created the home.php page him/herself, you need to get it from them. If it’s not custom (the home.php page came with the theme originally) and you know the name of the theme, you can search for it online and download a copy.

We are in development of a free website voting service where people can submit their music projects and people can vote on their projects.
However we have stumbled upon a problem.. We are using a theme called rewievit, and this comes with GD star rating plugin incorporated. So the posts or “reviews” if you wish, are sorted after the GD star rating.
We decided to go with a different vote plugin called WP Voting as we didn’t want stars but a simple vote button with a vote count, and we have managed to integrate this the way we wanted to on our website.
BUT. Now we have a problem. The WP Voting plugin is not supported by the theme widget when it comes to sorting the posts/ “reviews” by votes..
What we need to do is get the posts/ “reviews” on this page: http://russelaat.no/votes/ sorted after the amount of votes. Descending.
Is there an easy way we can do this?
Like read the number from this div class: wpv_vcount and sort the posts /”ratings” by this number?

Kind Regards.
Michael & Richard

Mark McLaren

Oct 26, 2012

12:51 AM

@Michael & Richard – Awesome question. The custom coding required for that is beyond my ability. Sounds like you are thinking along the right lines, but I don’t know how to advise you. Here are a few sites that might help. http://crowdfavorite.com/wordpress/plugins/

Thank you for the quick reply Mark!
We will check out these sites and see if we find a solution.
Would you like us to post the solution here if we get it sorted?

Kind regards
Michael & Richard

Hey Mark,

I have another question..
I am sind up for the Amazon Affiliate Program to advertsie on my wordpress site. Everything has been going fine with the advertisements until yesterday morning when I posted and added 3 advertisements to my post. When I view the post only the HTML info shows up for the advertisements and not the picture of the advertisement. Do you have any thoughts of why it would be doing this all of the sudden? All of my other posts still have the correct advertisement.


Your help is greatly appreciated!

Hi Mark,

I was trying to insert a URL for an icon/logo to go to the left of my simplyliving101.com title on my WordPress blog and I messed up the system somehow and got this error. Now when I try to enter my blog I get this message:

To allow use of this page to automatically repair database problems, please add the following line to your wp-config.php file. Once this line is added to your config, reload this page.

define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);

Can you help me? I’m not sure where to find my wp-config.php.file. Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

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